Together  we will embark on your journey of self-discovery and 


I will help you listen to your inner compass and to follow it, leading you

to a more authentic and fulfilled life. 

" Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. "




If any of this rings true to you I believe you are reaching a transformative moment in your life and are ready to confront your fears and shadows, reconnect with your soul and intuition and take the steps towards a more real you. 


Based on my own experiences, studies and researches, my intention is to help and support individuals to reconnect with their hearts and souls, bringing meaning and purpose into their lives.

Differently than most goal-orientated coaching sessions, my work involves intuitive listening and a mix of different techniques and tools, so that new answers and perspectives surface. So gradually and naturally, a deep transformation can occur.


I invite you for a complimentary session so we can get to know each other and see if my work can help you through your process.

Just drop me an email and I will get back to you. 


Once someone told me...

  • Do you feel lost at times, not knowing who you are anymore but still feel some sort of                          contentment that this is happening?

  • Do you feel  an inner call to transform and awaken something within you?

  • Do you feel as if you are about to give birth to a new version of yourself but are scared or feel blocked to trust this voice?



"Of course my dear you can choose to work as an executive, a doctor or a fisher.

But true happiness lies in choosing what is authentic and true to ourselves, to our heart, no matter what that is". 

Therefore allow yourself to evolve. Allow yourself to transform. Allow yourself to be who you truly are.

With love.

* Sessions last 1 hour and can be done in Portuguese, English or French. 

* I do sessions over the phone or Skype. 

* Single sessions cost 40 Euros.

* NOTE: Guidance sessions are not to be substituted for help from mental health professionals, physicians, or counselors. Depending upon your needs, I may suggest the services of a different professional.

What can I help you with?

Get in touch and let's see if we are a good match.