What I should truly learn about myself.

Photo by Dewang Gupta on Unsplash

It is not about knowing your tastes, likes, and dislikes. Those will change, maybe over a year, maybe over a day.

It is not solely about knowing your flaws and strengths. Those will improve or deteriorate over time.

It is about knowing your emotions, your way of reacting to your surroundings, and your needs to keep yourself balanced.

It is about knowing what triggers you and leads you to overreact.

It is about what impedes your inner childlike part to go out and play freely.

To amuse itself with life.

It is to know and recognize when you are out of balance and to have the ability to bring yourself back to center.

The place where you find your strength and your peace - a steady place, no matter what.

It is about mastering oneself. To be aware of your inner "selves" and how they act out.

It is to acknowledge your shadow side and how it is showing up out there.

You will find peace once you allow yourself to observe the different energies acting inside you. It takes courage, because a part of you, will have you into believing that you cannot hold still and experience them. But you can, and it will bring you freedom.

Because once you know how you function, and exist in the world you will start to accept yourself.

You will start living with mastery and in control of the only thing you are truly capable of conquering - yourself.

Remember that your fear has little to do with the outer world. It is about your unconscious belief that you can't handle pain or discomfort.

We have been taught to avoid everything that doesn't bring us inner comfort.

Therefore we run away from important parts of ourselves and chase them somewhere else, disguised as promises of happiness and wholeness.