How Changing Our Approach to Spirituality Can Help Us Evolve

Spirituality is not a product. It is not a solution. It is a transformational experience.

Lately I have noticed an increasing growth of spirituality.

It seems like everywhere around me, new messages are being conveyed, new practices are being invented, new classes are being made available, new mediation techniques are being taught and new books are been released. It is everywhere, sold, and delivered around every corner.

I am a true believer that we all need to welcome more spirituality, awareness, compassion, and love into our lives. Therefore I am thrilled the topic is entering people’s lives and homes and that many are on the way to discovering a realm longed to be explored. However I wonder if it is not a bit too much — at times I feel overwhelmed by the options out there.

It seems spirituality has become a product.

To experience it, all we need is to acquire it.

Such invasion led me to moments of overwhelm and just wishing I could unplug myself from all of it, quite the opposite of what I expected. My intention is to seek peace and awareness but at times all I get is anxiety and confusion.

How can I choose the right practice, the right tools, the right mediums, the right teachings? Is there a right answer after all? Where will I find the solution to my longings? Too many options. Not enough result.

So why? Why is the seeking of spirituality having the opposite effect on me?

Because I was chasing a solution. That is what I have finally understood. As long as I kept looking for an answer that would bring a quick fix, it didn't matter which practice I decided to follow, or which “guru” I decided to listen, I would never achieve it.

I had to walk the talk. I had to commit to the job. So much harder than following a class, reading an article, devouring a book, or listening to a podcast — even harder than attending a retreat. It was a matter of discipline and above all courage. I had to incorporate the steps and teachings into my daily life, to find the space and the will in between my mess.

The work can’t be bypassed. You will need patience. You will need commitment. You will need persistence.

And above all, love for the journey.

Understanding that the solution will never come, because there is solely transformation.

You will transform your perception of yourself. You will transform your perception of others. You will transform your perception of life.

Once I left all sorts of expectations at the door threshold, I could finally step into the exploration of myself.

Deeply. Consciously. Curiously. Unattached. Kindly.

Imagine yourself reading a book — is it worth reading a book a day if you cannot understand what the words are conveying? If you cannot make sense of the message being delivered? We enroll ourselves in different classes, we try different practices and none brings us the lifelong changes we expect. Why?

Because we are going for the shortcuts.

Because we are tricking ourselves, avoiding the real work, imagining there will be a solution.

When instead you need to dive deeper. To question the whys behind the teachings and sayings. Reflect on how they can be applied to your daily circumstances. Reflect on what makes you avoidant of experiencing them. Observe what is blocking you. Observe what is manifesting inside you. Meet your fears. Embrace your fears. Live your fears. Allow them to navigate inside yourself. Avoid the surface. Go deep.

It is only by being brave enough to look inside that we will start to grasp what spirituality is and actually live it.

It will come slowly, it will hurt, but it will be worth once we feel the lifelong transformations taking place.

Dive deep. Dive deeper. Asks questions. Doubt the answers. Examine yourself. Re-examine yourself. Feel the pain. Go through the pain. And most of all enjoy the journey, because it is a lifelong path — with no finish line. That’s what I came to realize.

“ The solution is not to find a way out. The solution is in relating to the movement inside. Once that becomes a conscious movement, it will change on its own”. 
Thomas Hübl