Do you ask yourself if there is more to life than the existence you might have relied upon fiercely

Photo by Isaac Davis on Unsplash

Well, most of us have believed that life’s recipe handed to us would lead to fulfillment, but lately, for some of us, that does not seem to be the case. It isn’t working as expected.

What is missing?

Surely, if you are reading this article you have started questioning yourself on the purpose of you being alive.

You might be feeling there is a void inside you that is hard to accept and even harder to fulfill.

Enchantment for life seems to have disappeared.

You probably have already asked yourself what is your passion, what is your bliss. But still, you feel there is something missing, and sometimes it might lead you to feel alien, and that you will never find your purpose, that life is solely about living one day after the other, fulfilling all that you have committed yourself to- a job, a family, or whatever it is, but still the sparkle you hear some people talking about seems out of reach.

Why is that?

We are surrounded by information. We are well educated on how to satisfy the mind. Information and entertainment.

But what about our true nature, our soul?

But what about taking the time to dig deeper inside ourselves? Have we been taught that?

We are a fast pace society driven towards action, results, and accomplishment. We know how to run the race and we do it even when we feel it is leading us astray from our true selves.

Our education has falsely made us believe that there is a right way to live and that it should bring us satisfaction. And we got so caught up in this idea that now we are scared to move past it, to go beyond it — to question and listen. But this is your life. And you are responsible for it.

We try exhaustedly to find meaning in results, in outcomes.

We pursuit success at any cost.

We pay coaches to help us achieve goals.

We are always looking ahead.

We are always looking outside.

Like if we should escape ourselves.

We look for meaning in everything that surrounds us.

Except inside us.

And the result is that we are not capable of switching our vision inwards. Where real meaning lies.

What lies inside your heart?

Have you ever allowed yourself the question?

Have you ever given yourself permission to explore?

Have you ever allowed room for answers to the surface?

And if so do you give consent for the exploration to take place?

Fulfilling your mind is short-term satisfaction. You are still dealing with the superficial layer of your being.

You need to move beyond it.

To examine and question, if and how all information you get, resonates with whom you are at your core.

To reflect upon what is that brings you aliveness on a deep and authentic level.

To discover your own meaning, what matters to you because you feel it down in your heart, in your guts.

Quantum activist Amit Goswami defends there are nine intangible forces (called Archetypes) that direct us — Power, Abundance, Love, Truth, Justice, Beauty, Goodness, Wholeness, and Self.

Which one is yours? What “force” rings true and gives meaning to your endeavors?

Allow yourself time to explore it.

Analyze your dreams. What message is being conveyed?

Analyze what engages you. Why do you choose to act on something instead of something else?

Analyze your choices so far. What drives you and makes you feel you are delivering something to the people around you?

What lies behind it all?

Is it love? A willingness to connect and build intimacy with people?

Is it Justice? To fight for what is right and for the underdogs?

Is it Wholeness? Looking and helping to heal each human being as a whole being?

Is it Abundance? Not only of material things but of joy, beauty, love?

Is it Beauty? Thru a painting or a song?

Examine your motives.

Meditate on your feelings and intuition.

There are different ways of going deeper into yourself.

Meditation — Walking in nature — Solitude.

Move away from all that you feel interferes with you connecting to your center — even if only for a few minutes a day.

Make it your scared practice.

In this lifetime, you are your forever companion, no escaping from that.

So I beg you, start looking at yourself with loving eyes and give yourself permission.

Find what works best for you and commit to that.

So when you start grasping that is that makes your feel energized and fulfilled, you will intuit that’s the right way to go.

A little voice inside you, poking you to move towards that direction, scary, as it may sound, weird as it may be, and stray from what you have pursued so far.

Allow it to come forth, be brave enough, and considerate enough towards yourself.

Give yourself permission to try.

And next time you hear yourself saying: “ Come on that is crazy, it’s just some stupid idea I have.”

Ask yourself, Is it?

Is it stupid or is it something you have never given some thought, serious thought?

Or is it that you have never allowed yourself to envision a different path to yourself?

" We are naturally designed with the potentiality to be authentic and truthful in our behavior, but we are evolutionarily and socially programmed to ignore this potentiality. Instead, we are encouraged to be a certain way in order to fit in with society, to take on different personalities to fit different situations. This creates the culture of political correctness and backlash" . Amit Goswami

Our minds have been polluted.

So instead, let your heart speak, let your soul come forth.

Give it space. Explore. Listen. Feel.

Your mind will serve you.

Your mind will help you act on what you discover within you.

But your mind is not the place where real answers will surface.

And once you find out what makes your life worth living with enthusiasm and joy, what makes you go through the dark days, you will have found your purpose.

Find your aliveness and the results will follow.